Using Testimonials and Reviews to Build Trust

Testimonials and reviews should be a key part of every business website. Used  authentically and correctly, reviews and testimonials can help your business build trust with potential customers.

Take Control of Your Reviews

While reviews on outside sites like Yelp can certainly help your business, you shouldn’t let that be the only way consumers find out information about you.

Tell your story the way you want it to be heard.

Reviews from past customers should be used throughout your website. Take the opportunity to let visitors know how great your business is while they’re looking at your brand and voice.

According to Nielson, 68% of consumers trust other consumers opinions posted online. Although that sounds great in concept, it also helps if your testimonials hit a few key points as well.

Be Specific

Instead of your testimonials saying “This company really helped me out!”, make sure they give a specific result and a timeframe: “My business inquiries increased by 56% in the past year thanks the work by [business name].”

Make sure your testimonials are from real people.

Your testimonials must be from real people. Also, in order to establish further trust with your visitor, have a picture of the person leaving the testimonial and, if possible, a link to their website.

Be Bold, Request Feedback

According to a poll by Street Fight, consumers tend to only review things when they’re unhappy with a service. That means that most people that do business with you won’t leave you a great review unless you ask for it.

You should always ask people to give you feedback after doing business with you. Provide them with an easy way to do so such as an in-store card, or a direct email to them. Not everyone will be comfortable with having you share their name and review online, but a large number of them will be happy to help you in some way.

Positive reviews and testimonials can only help you.

The reputation of your business is likely suffering if you’re not taking the opportunity to let people shout out how great you are. If anything, customer feedback will tell you where you need to improve in the future.

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