You’re ready for a tailor made website, one designed and built just for your company.

Your business is as unique as you are, so why are you still relying on an old on-size-fits all template?

You know you're meant for more than working a 9-5, so you set out on getting your business online using a quick template solution. Things are great...for awhile.

You quickly notice that those templates come with restrictions on how much you can truly make them your own.

That’s where I come in. I work to create a website that generates measurable results for your business. I take a holistic approach, studying your business and looking for what separates you from your competitors. I know why some visitors leave your site...and most importantly why others convert to customers.

In a many ways, I’m a lot like you. In the most important way, I’m exactly like you: I want to see your business explode.

Are you looking to:

Converting mere visitors to actual customers is exactly what I do.

Work With Me

“I have learned a lot about user experience and functionality working with Matt. He is driven to produce beautiful, purposeful websites that deliver results. His communication and professionalism make him a pleasure to work with and his websites prove his expertise.”

— Jon Lambert, Art Director

Who am I?

During the day I’m the Senior Web Developer at a branding and marketing agency. In the evenings I focus on helping businesses directly. Helping businesses grow is what I do all day, every day.

I focus on the user experience and nerdy code stuff so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Free Resources

I've put together some resources that will help to answer some questions about the ins and outs of getting your business online and, most importantly, getting it noticed.

These articles are based on years of working with clients and seeing common questions come up.

Free Resources

How we work together.

  1. You submit a project inquiry detailing your goals and the work you do.
  2. You send the inquiry over and we schedule a face-to-face or Skype meeting.
  3. I send you over a detailed proposal of what I’ll do to create your new online business. You sign the proposal, set down your deposit, and reserve a block of time where together we’ll focus on you and your company.
  4. We get to work. We both have work to do: I research and learn about your industry and competitive landscape inside & out. You create content that speaks to your goals: articles, bios, your unique process that sets you apart from your competitors, ect.
  5. You review your new custom site at a hidden URL, then, if needed, we make up to 3 rounds of adjustments based on your feedback.
  6. You make the final payment and I then send you all the files and the database neatly zipped up and ready to go. Do you prefer that I launch the site for you? No problem, just let me know.

Here's an example of what our service agreement will look like:

Service Agreement

“Matt is a fantastic developer with a keen ability to navigate complex project requirements. His ability to work under changing circumstances and tight deadlines sets him apart from others in his field. I look forward to working with Matt again in the future!”

— Jeremy Sanchez, Co-Founder/Chief Architect
Clover Partners