Is Having Comments on Your Site Good or Bad?

Recently, I’ve had the question come up of whether business’ websites should have the ability for the public to comment on their articles or not. The answer, of course, is “it depends”. Comments can be either fantastic or horrible, depending on the reach of the website and the audience. Comments Can Help Build a Community Often, […]

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What is UX Design?

I had a great conversation with my Father recently when he stopped to ask what exactly I do for a living. While I was doing my best to explain Web Development and my day-to-day routine (which is never routine), he seemed a bit puzzled when I got to the “UX” part. This is how I explained it to […]


Using Testimonials and Reviews to Build Trust

Testimonials and reviews should be a key part of every business website. Used  authentically and correctly, reviews and testimonials can help your business build trust with potential customers. Take Control of Your Reviews While reviews on outside sites like Yelp can certainly help your business, you shouldn’t let that be the only way consumers find out […]

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Losing Old Comments

I like the comments people leave on my site. They’ve led to some great discussions. The best part of comments has been that the conversation often starts there, but they lead to one-on-one discussions. I’ve received 100’s of emails based on comments from people all over the world. So, I’m sad to say that I’m losing […]


You Don’t Want A Carousel or Slider

I’ve been advising against using carousels (or sliders) for a while now. It seems like I’ve been talking about it more and more recently though. In fact, just this past week I’ve had “The Carousel Talk” with two clients who wanted to add them to their sites. It’s a perfectly legitimate request. Carousels are all over the […]