You’ve got a ton of work coming in the fact, it’s too much.

It’s a great problem to have of course, but it’s a problem nonetheless.

Let me help you get through the avalanche of work.

You need to get the extra work done, and I can help you get it out on time.

You need a silent partner who doesn’t shout to the world that you outsourced your work. I help you meet your deadline and you keep all the credit for you and your team.

I typically only take on one or two side projects at a time, so if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed now, reach out soon so you can reserve your time.

What I do to help you.

I know not only what goes into building a site, but the full project cycle from beginning to end. I've written proposals, pitched to clients, managed other developers, and trained clients once the project is completed.

I understand first hand that it’s *much* more than a website. I understand the pressure you’re under.

Craig Freeman

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt for the last few years and have watched him take on several new roles with great enthusiasm. Matt has the experience to accurately assess client needs and project scope.

Combined with the technical ability to efficiently construct a reliable site and the drive to pick up any new skills he needs to get the job done, Matt is the guy you want on your team.”

— Craig Freeman, Front-End Engineer 

What I do:

What I don't do:

How I work with agencies.

  1. You have designs that are finished up and approved by the client.
  2. You send them over to me and we schedule a quick phone call to discuss any questions either of us have. Like “What happens when a user clicks this? What about when they hover over that?” We’ll get it all sorted in the meeting.
  3. I’ll send you over a time and cost estimate based on the designs. You approve of the cost, set a deposit, and reserve your time.
  4. You review my work at a hidden URL on your server or mine. We make adjustments based on your feedback.
  5. You make the final payment and I send you all the files and database neatly zipped up and ready to go. Do you prefer that I launch the site for you? No problem, just let me know.

I’ve helped agencies with a lot of projects, and I can help yours, too.

“Matt is a fantastic developer with a keen ability to navigate complex project requirements. His ability to work under changing circumstances and tight deadlines sets him apart from others in his field. I look forward to working with Matt again in the future!”

— Jeremy Sanchez, Co-Founder/Chief Architect
Clover Partners