Hi. My name is Matt Steele and I'm a Web Developer in Denver, Colorado.

I traditionally work on the Front-end, but I've been focusing on the Back-end through Ruby on Rails lately. I blog about that journey once a week here.

I help companies grow their businesses through my company Western Code.

On the weekends I organize a local JavaScript meetup called the Denver Code Club.

I also love to teach and create video tutorials about web development at Code Scouts.

Matt Steele

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A CMS Nomad - Finding The Right CMS and Sticking With It

Do you have a go-to CMS that you always use? If so, you've likely also been curious about what some of the other CMSs out there are like. Will they make your job any easier? Why do the other communities like them so much? Maybe they would provide you with that one hidden feature that you never knew you needed.

Choosing a CMS can be a very personal decision. Likely, the one you first truly understood is the one that you'll hang your hat on and stick with for the long haul. That's a really smart decision because, over time, you eventually become a specialist in that technology. You know your chosen CMS inside and out, and likely have collected a strong group of peers in the community who you can reach out to for support and potential clients.

In contrast, I've been all over the map with CMSs during the past few years. I'm not sure what it is about CMSs that drives me to keep trying each of them out, but it likely has something to do with a fascination of how the same exact data can be organized and served up in so many different ways.

Each CMS that I've used has had their pros and cons. All of them also have their own unique communities that have been nothing but friendly and helpful as I've used them. Most recently, I've returned to WordPress for a project after being away for a few years. If you've never used any other CMS than the one you're currently using, then I hope to offer some insight into what I've found along my journey and save you the time of being a CMS nomad like me.

Where I've been

I haven't tried them all, of course. There's simply too many of them out there. I've

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